The LIFE-DCY research project is directed at life quality and participation of disabled children and youth living in Iceland. The perspectives of disabled children and youth are in centre although the perspectives of parents and other key-stakeholders are also included. This is a three year project that will end in 2020.  The project is funded by the Icelandic Research Fund (nr. 174299-051). The first phase (quantitative) focused on child and parent perspectives of life quality of disabled children compared with a group of non-disabled children. Parent perspectives on child participation at home, in school and in the community were included as well as on how environmental features affect the children’s participation. The second phase (qualitative) provides in-depth understanding of how and why positive or negative experiences in terms of life quality and participation come into being. Close attention is paid to the social and material environment of the children.


  • Snæfrídur Thóra Egilson, professor in disability studies, principal investigator
  • Stefan Hardonk, assistant professor in disability studies
  • Linda Björk Ólafsdóttir, doctoral student in disability studies
  • Anna Sigrún Ingimarsdóttir, doctoral student in disability studies
  • Ásta Jóhannsdóttir postdoc in disability studies
  • Freyja Haraldsdóttir, doctoral student in education.
  • Barbara Gibson professor at the University of Toronto is an external collaborator

More information about the research project can be found at the project webpage

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